Accelerate culture change with a visible framework

Use our software to bring your policy into practice

Flexitime that’s
truly easy to activate

Consistent culture

When you have multiple locations and layers of management, culture is often interpretted differently. Blinktime promotes a standardised framework that’s utilised by everyone from day one.

Empower productivity

Remove the acceptability anxiety that your employees feel from a lack of guidance on “when-to-work”. By defining your framework in our software you set a clear structure for employees to follow confidently.

Level the playing field

Adapting to your workforce through seamless integration with your existing tools. Whether you’re WFH, RTO or hybrid, Blinktime works for all of your people, no matter their location in the world.

absenteeism with
improved wellbeing


less likely to experience burnout if they strongly agree their employer cares about their overall wellbeing

Understand and react
to what’s important

Data driven

Measure how your organisation uses and wants to use flexitime. Understand what’s important to your people and make them feel heard.

Powerful policy

Incentivise employees according to their preferences. Design benefits and create policy based on live, quantitative data.


Cultivate a culture that prioritises people’s work/life balance and shows you care about their wellbeing.

Understand behaviour to build benefits

Tailor incentives to employees’ preferences with Blinktime insights
View trends across departments, locations and time periods
Reduce cost on benefits that aren’t actively used
Quantitatively measure flexitime usage for ESG reporting

Security is our priority

ISO 27001 + 9001

Penetration Tested

Static Code Analysis

ICO Registered

Make flexible work

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