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One small plug-in for your calendar. One giant leap for defending employee grievances

Seamlessly integrated into

Doing nothing will cost you money

Flexible work isn’t a nice to have, it’s now a legal right
increase in employee grievances since 2022
rise in employee flexible working requests
of employees planning to utilise new legislation
is the average cost of employment tribunal
for the average eight week pay compensation
average cost per employee, per claim

Beat the regulations with modern innovations

In April 2024 the UK Government introduced the new Flexible Working Bill.
We'll help you adapt to the changes.

Financial risk

Poor workplace culture results in increased employee turnover, reduced productivity, higher absenteeism (incl. sick-leave), and potential legal costs.


the annual cost per UK employee of poor workplace culture

Operational risk

People are your biggest strength when supported and your biggest weakness when not; through accident, negligence or malicious intent.


of IT security report breaches in their team due to burnout

Reputational risk

Definitively prove flexibility to attract and retain talent, or defend legal claims. 1/3 of candidates don't believe claims of flexibility in job descriptions.


the average cost to companies to replace a single employee in the UK

Supported by

Informal flexibility: A better approach to flexible work

Less admin

Guided by policy. No need for individual contract revisions or consultations as required by law for formal requests.

Better for business

Not permanent. Allows for flexibility around work commitments and can act as an alternative to the 4-day week, removing business disruption.

Company endorsed

This approach is pre-approved and supported by the company, providing autonomy and empowerment across the organisation with accountability.

Output, not input
for all desk workers

For in-person, hybrid, and remote teams

Built for busy teams

Compatible with billable, client facing roles using timesheets as well as non-billable functions.

Working across 
time zones

Flexible working hours for cross-time zone meetings in the late evening or early morning.

Keeping teams productive and content

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Operational efficiency

Improve decision making

Collect never before seen real-time data
Increase workplace health intelligence
Make better investment decisions
Learn more about real-time data
Operational efficiency
Cost saving

Reduce quiet quitting

Increased engagement
Accountable work schedules
Reduced sick leave and absenteeism
Cost saving

Save time and money

Fewer tribunal claims on flexibility
Reduced bureaucratic workload
Pre-approved Policies
Cost saving
Revenue generation

Attract top talent

Operational efficiency
Support neurodiversity
Improve retention
Operational efficiency
Cost saving

Prevent burn-out

Early warning signalling
Prompted corrective actions
Reduced human risk


See how we’re making flexible work for other teams

Nick G
Co-founder, Retail
"Blinktime has been great for us to prove we care about flexibility, for existing employees and in recruiting. It’s a simple yet highly effective way for us to instil our culture and values on both sides of the Atlantic."
Steph M
HR Business Partner, Corporate
"This is a product that is revolutionary for the future of work, changing behaviour effectively and making culture tangible for companies."
Josephine H
Transformation Leader, Tech
"It’s really valuable for me to be able to flex my work day around activities that are important to my family and I. Blinktime allows everyone in the business to lead by example and show it’s ok to work flexibly."

Security is our priority

SSO login
Integrates with Microsoft & Google
ISO 27001 + 9001 Compliant
Penetration tested
Static Code Analysis    
ICO Registered

Frequently asked questions

Who can see a Blinktime event?

Only the employee who made the event can see the activity or details within a Blinktime event. Everyone else in the organisation simply sees “Blinktime” when viewing your calendar.

What events can you add to Blinktime?

Any events you want to flex your day around! Organisations choose the categories that your flexitime will fall into and you set your own goals around these.

What data does the company have access to?

Organisations can filter data to see trends across departments, office locations, Blinktime categories and time periods (so long as no data is individually identifiable). If individuals choose to join a team within the platform, line-managers will be able to view time usage of Blinktime to help encourage conversations about work-life balance, but will never be able to see the activities that Blinktime is being used for.

How easy is it to integrate Blinktime?

Super easy! Set-up your account in a few minutes through Google Workspace or Microsoft 365. We integrate with Slack, Teams, Outlook, M365 and and have plugins for your Google calendars too for a seamless experience.

Does my company need an account for me to sign-up individually?

Yes, a company account is needed to use Blinktime. If you’d like to sign-up as a company, please contact us at If you’d like to recommend your company speak to us please contact us at and we’d be happy to help.

Is Blinktime for employers or employees?

Blinktime was created to allow employees to work flexibly without guilt. While building the product we saw that the data could be used to enhance work environments for employees, through better decision making by companies. The better they understand their people, the better they can support their people, and the better their people work. This is why Blinktime is great for everyone.

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