The future of work or the future of well-being?🤔👀

Ryan Tanna
min read
May 1, 2024

🔑🌿 People's well-being is more than a fancy mission on career site; it's a strategic movement towards resilience in the workplace and - according to Deloitte - human sustainability (defined as the long-term, collective well-being of individuals, organisations, climate, and society).

But how do we get there?

✨ Managers need the skills to meet the expectations of a new workforce.

And it's not just me who thinks that... according to Deloitte Insights:

94% of all employees feel their manager should have at least some responsibility for their well-being and 96% of managers agree!

Managers are the front-line warriors in this battle for better well-being. Empowerment isn't a 'perk'; it's the freedom to support and validate the mental and physical health of teams. And yes, it means dismantling those pesky psychological barriers of guilt and stigma that too often shadow well-being efforts.

🏢 And at the helm, executives have a pivotal role.

Execs shape policies, adapt and invest in new technologies, and model behaviours that pave the way for a resilient workforce. By creating an environment where well-being is embedded in the company's DNA, executives ensure that the journey to 'human sustainability' is more than a pledge - it becomes the measure of their leadership's lasting impact.

This new world is neither right nor wrong, it just is.

Execs need to adapt and get past any apprehensions (94% of C-Suite execs admit they could use help - tech solutions like Blinktime can be part of that solution).

🔄 Embrace the shift.

It's not just about individual well-being; it's about building resilience in our teams, making it as essential as our business goals. At Blinktime, we provide the tools to maintain this delicate balance - because well-being should be transparent, free from judgement, and seamlessly integrated into our work life.

As we journey further into the era of human sustainability, I can sense a shift of focus from mere access to genuine opportunity. It's no good to simply offer well-being; it needs to be embedded into our routines.

Because when we talk about the future of work, we're really talking about the future of well-being.

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