A calendar plug-in with the power of an app

Blinktime works for in-person, remote, and hybrid teams and can be broken down into three elements: scheduling, managing and reporting
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The only digital platform for managing a flexible workforce

Authentic leadership

Equip managers with the tools to lead authentically, fostering a culture of trust and transparency.

Individuals control their own time while remaining visible to their team

Offering flexible scheduling options while maintaining accountability and autonomy for enhanced productivity and team visibility.

Empowering decision-making

Giving line managers insights into employee work/life balance via simple visual data for team optimisation.
No rules. New rules

Flexibility on company terms

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A clear framework

Provide clarity on acceptable use of flexi-hours by setting clear parameters within the software.

Personal goals

Employees set goals according to categories configured by the company, resulting in a more resilient and productive workforce.

Equal opportunity

Remove line-manager bias and micro-cultures, allowing for inclusion and equity in a diverse workforce.

Comply with new legislation

Transform your policy into a defendable practice, available to everyone in your organisation.

Ground breaking intelligence for powerful people analytics

Cross-departmental and location trends

Understand behaviours and priorities of employees across different geographies, departments and time periods.

Industry performance benchmarking

Stand out from the competition with industry benchmarking and adoption of new technologies.

HR insights with corrective measures

Spot and tackle unsustainable behaviours before they lead to quiet quitting, productivity dips, or burnout.

Smarter people management

Groundbreaking HR Tech that adds real value through access to intelligent, real-time employee data without the need for surveys.

Modern solutions for modern teams

Our data-led innovation supports you whether you operate a traditional HR model or a People Ops model, giving you the information you need to provide the optimal environment for your company.
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Make flexible work

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