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Frequently asked questions

When does the beta launch?

We're anticipating release in July 2024

Why do I need it?

Blinktime Spaces allows your team to easily schedule their week for when they’ll be in the office, and broadcast to others when they’ll be in so no more wasted trips in to an empty space. You can also keep  track of office usage and in office attendance targets.

How can I learn more?

Drop your details in the waiting list form and we'll be in touch

Who’s it for?

Any company who has a hybrid working policy where people split their time between working in the office and other locations

How easy is it to integrate?

Less than 5 minutes to onboard and set up. Easy IT approval through the Microsoft, Google and Slack app stores. No separate programme installation required


See how we’re making flexible work for other teams

Nick G
Co-founder, Retail
"Blinktime has been great for us to prove we care about flexibility, for existing employees and in recruiting. It’s a simple yet highly effective way for us to instil our culture and values on both sides of the Atlantic."
Steph M
HR Business Partner, Corporate
"This is a product that is revolutionary for the future of work, changing behaviour effectively and making culture tangible for companies."
Josephine H
Transformation Leader, Tech
"It’s really valuable for me to be able to flex my work day around activities that are important to my family and I. Blinktime allows everyone in the business to lead by example and show it’s ok to work flexibly."

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